Parker Hannifin
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Vix- Option 1 (MPM) Encoder Hardware Setup

This FAQ allows the user to setup Option 1 Encoder motors with software changes. Option 1 Encoder motors can also be setup through software changes. Please see "ViX - (MPM) Encoder Option 1 Software Setup."
The following is a table for the MaxPlus (MPM) Encoder Option 1 Termination to ViX Connections:
Feedback Connections
ViX Feedback Connector X2Option 1 Encoder Cable (175-0xxx)***
Wire FunctionPin#Pin LetterFunction
+5 VDC output5K+5VDC
incremental enc.A+8CCH A\
incremental enc.A-7BCH A
incremental enc.B+12NCH B
incremental enc.B-11PCH B\
incremental enc.Z+1MCH Z
incremental enc.Z-2UCH Z\
Commutation f-b A09ECH U
None*N.C.*RCH U\
Commutation f-b A113FCH V
Commutation f-b A214GCH W
None*N.C.*SCH U\
None*N.C.*HCH W\
Connector Housing****DGnd/CableDrain
Motor overtemp+ 10ATHERM
Motor overtemp-6LTHERM
Connector Housing****JSHLD

Motor Power Connections
ViX Motor Power Screw TerminalsOption 1 Motor Power Cable
X1 FunctionPhasePin LetterFunctionWire Color
Phase UUAPhase RRed
Phase VVCPhase TBlue
Phase WWBPhase SBlack

*The Hall signals on the MPM motors are diffential, therefore, you do not need to connect the negative signals of each hall state to the single-ended ViX Hall signals.
**The shield connections of the feedback cable should be connected to the ViX X2 header's metal housing (if possible).
*** Option 1 encoder cable wire colors can vary, however, the wire function should be consistent among all cables. If your cable wire marker (labels) are no longer present or readable, please contact Parker.