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iMotor Downloading & Checksum

Although downloading to an intelligent motor can be done in the iWare software it can also be done outside of this software. Below is a procedure on how to accomplish this download without the iWare software.

1) Open the program you wish to download in the iWare software and build the file, which compiles the code written to what the iMotor understands. This step must be done since the iMotor does not understand the native programming code, and iWare changes/compiles the native code to what the iMotor will understand and places it into a .smx file of the same file name.

2) Once compiled, the program can be sent to the iMotor with the following command.


The load command followed by a space prepares the iMotor for a file download. After this is issued the compiled form of the program (.smx file) can be sent.

3) Once the load command and the .smx file have been sent, to end the download mode in the iMotor two characters of decimal value 255 need to be sent. This can be done in Visual Basic with the CHR function, for example CHR(255) will create the ASCII character with a decimal value of 255.

The PCKS command is use to verify if the program has downloaded correctly. What it does is that when the program is complied, the sum of all ASCII code values are added and stored into the header of the .smx file. After the program is transmitted, the PCKS command from the host computer asks the iMotor to add up all the ASCII code values in the program and compare the result to the value in the header of the file. If the values are the same, then the file downloaded correctly and the check sum passes. With the PCKS, the motor returns a bunch of numbers, the checksum value, follow by either a P or F, pass or fail.
For an example of the above procedure, please go to the below link.
iSeries support and sample files