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Aries - MaxPlus (MPM) Encoder Option 1 Connection

The following is a table for the MaxPlus (MPM) Encoder Option 1 Termination to Aries Connections:

Feedback Connections
Aries Feedback ConnectorOption 1 Encoder Cable (175-0xxx)***
Wire FunctionPin#Pin LetterFunctionWire Color***
+5 VDC4K+5VDCRed
ENC A+8BCH ABlue/White
ENC A-7CCH A\Black/White
ENC B-11PCH B\Yellow
ENC Z+1MCH ZYellow/White
ENC Z-2UCH Z\Red/White
Hall 19ECH UPink
None*N.C.*RCH U\Tan
Hall 213FCH VWhite
None*N.C.*SCH U\Green
Hall 314GCH WBrown/White
None*N.C.*HCH W\Orange/White
Connector Housing****DGnd/CableDrain
Thermal+ 10ATHERMOrange
Connector Housing****JSHLDBlack

*The Hall signals on the MPM motors are diffential, therefore, you do not need to connect the negative signals of each hall state to the single-ended Aries Hall signals.
**The shield connections of the feedback cable should be connected to the Aries Motor Feedback header's metal housing (if possible).***The wire colors may not apply to your cable. Option 1 encoder cable wire colors can vary, however, the wire function should be consistent among all cables. If your cable wire marker (labels) are no longer present or readable, please contact Parker.
Motor Power Connections
Aries Motor Power Screw TerminalsOption 1 Motor Power Cable
FunctionPhasePin LetterFunctionWire Color
Phase UUAPhase RRed
Phase VVBPhase SBlack
Phase WWCPhase TBlue
GroundGNDDPE GNDGreen/Yellow

Hall Commutation Chart with MXPLUS1*
PhaseHall StateDirection
U TerminalV TerminalW Terminal#Clockwise**

*This is different than the commutation chart used by legacy Compumotor servo motors. Please refer to Chapter 7 - Hall Sensor Configuration/Troubleshooting section of the Aries Hardware Installation Guide for further information. This chart applies only if CMDDIR1, ENCPOL0,SHALL0, P163=1, & P142=-21845 are set properly through an RS232 ASCII terminal. The encoder counts positive when the motor shaft rotates clockwise.
**Clockwise rotation with respect to the motor shaft extended towards the operator.
P163 & P142 parameters - Because the MaxPlus motor's commutation cycle is different than the legacy Compumotor series motors, there are parameters used to compensate for this through software. It does the following: 1)P163=1 - Switches Hall Signals 1 and 2, 2) CMDDIR1 inverts the commanded direction and encoder feedback polarity internally (refer to Encoder Polarity below) 3) P142=-21845 adjusts the encoder offset angle by -120 degrees.
Encoder Polarity - the encoder will still count positive when the motor shaft rotates clockwise. However, the encoder output signals on the DRIVE I/O connector, pins 3-8, will now count in the opposite direction. Therefore, a clockwise rotation of the shaft will increase encoder counts when TPE is queried on the drive, but will decrease the encoder counts sent out of the drive to an external device connected to DRIVE I/O.
6K Controller connection - the encoder output (DRIVE I/O pins 3-8) now counts opposite to a positive commanded input because of CMDDIR1, the encoder polarity on the 6K Controller MUST be set to invert, ENCPOL1, direction for each servo axis.
ACR Controller connection - the encoder output (DRIVE I/O pins 3-8) now counts opposite to a positive commanded input because of CMDDIR1, the encoder polarity on the ACR Controller MUST be set to invert, MULT to a negative value, direction for each servo axis.
DMODE1 (Autorun) - the motor turns counter-clockwise with P142=-21845, P163=1, and CMDDIR1.
Motor Setup (parameters) - a method for generating the motor configuration file is to look your motor up in the Gemini Motor Wizard of the Motion Planner Software.