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What battery is in my Z, ZX, or ZXF drive?

The battery in the Z Drive (drive only) is different then the battery that is in both the ZX and ZXF (drive/controller).

The battery in the Z Drive is actually an integrated battery backed SRAM IC. This is a 16k Byte (2K x 8 bit) NV (non-volatile) SRAM (static radom access memory) that holds all the program memory. This SRAM chip is soldered to the printed circuit board, designator U101, in Z Drive interface module (the module with the pushbuttons and display on it). Therefore, we recommend that these units be sent in if the battery needs replacement. Two examples of manufactures of this chip are:
STMicroelectronics (formerly SGS-Thomson Microelectronics)
P/N: M48Z02 (formerly MK48Z02)*
web site: STMicroelectronics

Dallas Semiconductor (acquired Maxim Integrated Products)
P/N: DS1220*
web site: Dallas Seminconductor or Maxim Integrated Products
*SPEED and CHIP revision are not critical

The battery in the ZX and ZXF Drive/controllers is a coin cell lithium type battery. The part number is a BR2032 (BR=Poly-Carbon Monoflouride) which is a 3 Volt (nominal), 190 mAh battery. It is also acceptable to use a CR2032 (CR=Manganese Dioxide)which is a 220 mAh version. Suggested manufacturers are Panasonic (Matsushita Electronic Corp of America), Rayovac, and Duracell (DL2032). The battery is field replaceable, and is located in the interface module (the module with the pushbuttons and display on it). It is located on the second board (nearest display) of the module, thus, the board must be removed before replacing. Please see Chapter 8,Maintenance & Troubleshooting, of the ZX/ZXF Indexer Drive User Guide.

A failed battery will cause a Error Fault Code #30, Z RAM Failure, on the drive. For more information on this, please refer to the Z/ZX Series - Error Code 30 FAQ.