Parker Hannifin
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Using Hyperterminal To Download Programs To 4000

Refer to page 190 in Model 4000 Indexer User Guide (p/n 88-007719-01J) for instructions regarding this process.


1. Select the program name that you want to download using the SELECT command. For example, SELECT PROG10 will put any commands downloaded into a program named PROG10 . These commands can be added to the beginning of the file to have this process done for you automatically each time you download the program (see example below.)

2. Issue the LOAD command to clear the old program and set the 4000 to receive the new program.

3. In the Hyperterminal Menu select TRANSFER then SEND TEXT FILE... . Select the desired file for download from dialog box then click on OPEN to start download process It may be necessary to navigate to the correct file location and select ALL FILES in FILE TYPE to see .PRG files.

4. If your sequence of commands does not contain an asterisk (*), you will need to issue one at the LOAD> prompt to exit the program loading process. The asterisk can be added to the end of the file that is downloaded to automatically end the download process (see example below.)

EXAMPLE: Save the following five lines in a text file:

1OUT LCD1,1 ^ TESTING... ^

When downloaded, this file will perform all actions necessary for downloading. A one line program called TEST1 is stored in the 4000's memory.