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Troubleshooting tips for communication - Compax3M

1. From the Compax3 DVD or here, the USB driver must be installed:

2. After this driver is installed, the USB port will appear as a virtual com port in the Parker Integrated Engineering Tool (PIET), select the Compax3 tab on the right, and then under Device > Compax3 Communication Settings:

3. Device Address is based on the power supply's base address and all the amplifiers address dipswitch settings.

The power supply's S1 sets the base address, in increments of 16, binary weighted based on the first 3 switches.
Ex1, If all off, it's 0. So the first C3M amplifier will be Device Address 1, the second 2.
Ex2, If switches 1&2 OFF, 3 ON for power supply (binary 4 * 16 = 64 base address), Address is 65 for the first amplifier.

These dipswitches are read only on powerup, so if you change the power supply's S1 switch settings, cycle power to then use the new address number.

The S10 dipswitches do not affect the address and are used in the T30 or T40.

4. The communication in the axis combination is implemented via a SSK28 cable and double RJ45 sleeves on the device top which is supplied with the C3M amplifiers.

Beginning with the PSUP (mains module) the connection is always made from X30 to X31 of the next device. On the first device (X31) and the last device (X30) in the multi-axis combination, a bus termination plug (BUS07/01) is required. The bus termination plugs are included with the power supply.

Here's a picture of a 4-axis C3M system with the proper connections of the SSK cables and terminator plugs:

If the connections aren't correct, the C3M power supply both red and green LEDs will be fast flashing. These are serial connections and you do not need to power down to change the connections. It takes about 20 seconds for the power supply to reacquire all the drives.

If the connections are made successfully and the AC power is off, the left green LED will be slow blinking, right red LED will be fast flashing.

If the connections are made successfully and AC power is on, the right red LED will turn off and left green LED will be solid.

Note: T1R and T2R on the X40 connector of the power supply must be jumpered before you can enable the drives. This jumper does not affect communication.

11/1/13jh updated with picture