Parker Hannifin
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X-WARE 5.1 Tutorial

X-Ware is a terminal emulator and editor program that can communicate directly to compumotor's x language products.
Launch X-Ware.exe from the desktop. Make sure to turn caps lock on.

File Menu
OPEN- opens an existing program and puts it in an editor screen.
NEW- opens a blank editor screen in which a new program can be written. A program may contain multiple sequence definitions.
SAVE/SAVE AS- saves the currently active editor screen as a prg file.
DELETE- deletes a program you specify.
PRINT- prints the contents of the currently active editor screen.
EXIT/QUICK EXIT exits the X-WARE program

Edit Menu
When text is selected within the editor the edit menu allows the user to cut, copy, paste and clear text within the editor screen. There is also a clipboard, which acts as another editor screen to paste portions of programs. The undo command takes back the last editor command executed.

Search Menu
The search menu can be used to locate and replace a certain text string within an editor screen.

Windows Menu
You can open multiple editor screens and toggle between them in X-WARE.
ZOOM-opens the currently active editor screen to full size.
CASCADE-puts one editor screen behind another.
TILE-puts one editor screen on top and another on the bottom.
PREVIOUS-toggles back to the previously viewed editor screen.
CLOSE-closes the currently active editor screen.

Terminal Settings Menu
The Terminal Settings window allows the user to select the COM port from the computer for RS-232 communications, the baud rate, and device address.
The checkout box tests to see if the communications setup is working.

Utilities Menu
PRODUCT- selects the Compumotor product you are using, if not listed use other x.
DOWNLOAD- downloads the contents of the currently active editor screen to the Compumotor product.
UPLOAD- retrieves sequences within the Compumotor product and uploads them to an editor screen.
COMMANDS- shows a list and description of commands for x-language products. Consult your product software reference guide for valid commands.
RP240- simulates an RP240 front panel
COLORS- sets X-WARE screen colors and menu colors.