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DM1004B/C Common Questions

Here are some common questions about the Dynaserv small motor line, the DM104B/C.

1. How are the DM1004B and DM1004C different than the current versions of the Dynaserv?
  • The DM1004 uses a much smaller, 5 Amp drive.(approximately 2/3 smaller in volume).
  • The motors are obviously smaller in size
  • The motors have an integral mounting base on the motor.
  • The 50 pin Honda connector from the old drives is replaced with a smaller, high density 50 pin Fijitzu connector.
  • The 50 pin Fijitzu connector has different wiring pin outs.
  • Some of the pins on the 50 pin Honda were changed to dip switches and move to the front of the drive.(POSW and Gain Multipliers)

2. How are the DM1004B/C the same as the current Dynaservs?
  • Virtually all of the functions are the same except for the answers to question 1.
  • It still has Torque, Velocity and Position mode.
  • It can still accept +/-10V or Step and Direction input from controller.
  • I-PD positioning tuning is identical.(fc, Ilim, DC gain, etc.) Only exception is Gain Multipliers are on switches on the front of the drive instead of on pins on the 50 pin connector.

3. The DM1004B/C are the smallest drives. Does that mean they are the least expensive?
  • NO! The DM1004B/C is the least expensive of the DM(encoder) series.
  • The smaller DRB(resolver) series(DR1008B-DR1045B) are still less expensive than the DM1004B/C.
4. What type of applications are recommended for the DM1004 series versus the other Dynaservs?
  • When the small size of the motor is very critical and the smaller motors from the DRB series are too large.
  • When the resolution of the DM series is required, but the peak torque is 4Nm or less.
  • If higher accuracy?s are required with the small Dynaserv a custom product is available with improved accuracy of +/- 20 arc-sec.

5. Should I always choose DM1004B/C for Dynaserv applications requiring 4Nm of torque or less? No.
  • You may be paying more for what you need.
  • The DR1008B-DR1045B are less expensive, have the same repeatability, and have better accuracys than the standard DM1004B/C.(Higher accuracy option of the DM1004B/C will be more accurate than the DR1008B-DR1045B).
  • The DM1004B/C have smaller motor inertia, so the load to rotor mismatch will be worse.