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Aries - MaxPlus (MPM) Resolver Option 1 Connection

The following is a table for the MaxPlus (MPM) Resolver Option 1 Termination to Aries Connections:

Feedback Connections
Aries Feedback Connector Option 1 Resolver Cable (170-0xxx)***
Wire Function Pin# Pin Letter Function Wire Color***
DGND 3 T GND Black
+5 VDC 4 K +5VDC Red
ENC A+ 8 B CH A Blue/White
ENC A- 7 C CH A\ Black/White
ENC B+ 12 N CH B Blue
ENC B- 11 P CH B\ Yellow
ENC Z+ 1 M CH Z Yellow/White
ENC Z- 2 U CH Z\ Red/White
Hall 1 9 E CH U Pink
None* N.C.* R CH U\ Tan
None 13 F None N.C.
None N.C. S None N.C.
None 14 G None N.C.
None* N.C. H None N.C.
Connector Housing** ** D Gnd/Cable Drain
Thermal+ 10 A THERM Orange
Thermal- 6 L THERM Brown
Connector Housing** ** J SHLD Black

*The Hall signals on the MPM motors are diffential, therefore, you do not need to connect the negative signals of each hall state to the single-ended Aries Hall signals.

**The shield connections of the feedback cable should be connected to the Aries Motor Feedback header's metal housing (if possible).

***The wire colors may not apply to your cable. Option 1 encoder cable wire colors can vary, however, the wire function should be consistent among all cables. If your cable wire marker (labels) are no longer present or readable, please contact Parker.
Motor Power Connections
Aries Motor Power Screw Terminals Option 1 Motor Power Cable
Function Phase Pin Letter Function Wire Color
Phase U U A Phase R Red
Phase V V B Phase S Black
Phase W W C Phase T Blue
Ground GND D PE GND Green/Yellow