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L20 with S and ZETA Series drives

Degraded performance has been observed when using certain linear motors with amplifiers equipped with anti-resonance circuitry. In particular, motors that use an air bearing, such as the L20 linear forcer, exhibit position loss and general erratic motion when anti-resonance or active damping (if applicable) is enabled.

For customers that wish to use an S/SX or ZETA product with the L20, Compumotor recommends the following solutions:

S/SX Series:
Pre anti-resonance drives will operate fine (see serial numbers below). S/SX drives with anti-resonance already installed should not be modified in the field. For more information contact Compumotor Applications Engineering Department.

Future orders of S/SX drives for linear motor applications should use the following new part numbers:

Both anti-resonance and active damping should be disabled.
(Electronic viscosity will still function properly.)

Models with serial numbers greater than or equal to those listed below, have anti-resonance installed.

S6 S/N 95062300253
S8 S/N 95062300062
SX(F)6 S/N 95071200321
SX(F)8 S/N 95071800091