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Problems with ServoManager and Windows 95

Question: I am having problems installing ServoManager on my computer running Windows 95!

Answer: This is a listing of problems in context with Windows 95

1. Switching between Servo Tools -----------------------------------------------

With Windows 95 switching between the Servo Tools via the menu Servo Tools
or the buttons in the ribbon bar is not possible.
However, you can start the tools this way.

Work-around: Switch between the tools either via the Windows 95 task bar or 
with the keys Alt+Tab.

2. The Servo Terminal cannot be started or -------------------------------------- 
no serial communication is possible

If the DOS communication driver (cm1.sys or cm2.sys) for the COMTAC programming 
tool is installed in the file config.sys the serial communication in 
Windows 95 is disturbed.

Work-around: You may solve the problem in specifying the driver in the DOS-Shell
which is created for the COMTAC programming tool and not in the
config.sys in the root-directory (C:\).

3. General protection fault at access to serial COM port ------------------------

Neither in the terminal nor in another Servo Tool serial communication is
possible. When you are accessing the serial COM port, a general protection fault 
occurs. Details: General protection fault in module MMSYSTEM.DLL at ....

Work-around: In the file SYSTEM.INI in the windows directory, the line


is missing in section [boot].

4. General protection fault while opening parameter lists -----------------------

While opening a parameter list in the ParameterEditor, a general protection fault
occurs: General protection fault in module KRNL386.EXE ....

Work-around: The file TRUEGRID.VBX in your Windows\System directory is older
than the one installed with the Servo Tools (16.12.1994). Replace the
file in Windows\System with the one in the directory of Servo Tools.