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Compax Replacements

Single Axis Compax Drives:

Continuous Current 2.5A 6.3A 6.5A 12.5A
Peak Current 5.0A 12.6A 13.0A 25.0A
Input Mains Voltage 120-230vac, 1phase 120-230vac, 1 or 3phase 230-460VAC, 3phase 230-460VAC, 3phase
Input Control Voltage 24vdc 24vdc 24vdc 24vdc
W X H X D (mm) 85 x 206.5 x 145.5 130 x 290 x 221 145 x 395 x 275 145 x 395 x 275
Suggested C3 Replacement S025V2F10I11T30M00 S063V2F10I11T30M00 S075V4F10I11T30M00 S150V4F10I11T30M00

Multi Axis Compax Drives:

Continuous Current 6.5A 11.5A 25A 50A
Peak Current 8.5A 17A 50A 100A
Voltage 140-650VDC from NMD Power Supply
Suggested C3 Replacement M100D6F10I11T30M00 M150D6F10I11T30M00 M300D6F10I11T30M00 H050V4F10I11T30M00* @ 400vac or H090V4F10I11T30M00* for 480vac

*Compax3H series is a High Powered single axis drive and not used with the C3M power supplies.

Above are base servo amplifiers only capable of analog torque, analog velocity, step & direction and encoder following modes. For the 30M, 60M and 70M options:

Technology Levels:

COMPAX xx30M: Indexing table control Standard Compax3 T11, T30 and T40 capable of Load Mounted Feedback
COMPAX xx60M: Electronic gearing Compax3 T30
COMPAX xx70M: Cam Control Compax3 T40

example: COMPAX2570S would be replaced with the S063V2F10I11T40M00


Input Mains Voltage 100-480VAC 3phase 100-480VAC 3phase
Input Control Voltage 24vdc 24vdc
Continuous Power 10kW 10kW
Peak Power (<3sec) 20kW 20kW
Suggested C3 Replacement MP10D6USBM00NA MP20D6USBM00NA


Options Description Suggested C3 Replacement
A1 Absolute Encoder SSI Encoder input on x11 on Standard Compax3. HEDA is M10/M11 option.
D1 D-to-A monitor w/o box Standard Compax3 has 2 analog outputs.
E2 Encoder input module (individual unit) Standard Compax3 has encoder input.
E3 Encoder simulation output Standard Compax3 has encoder output.
E4 Encoder input module (encoder bus) Standard Compax3 has encoder input. HEDA is M10/M11 option.
E7 Analog input module Standard Compax3 has 2 analog inputs.
F1 RS485, 4 wire Standard Compax3
F2 Interbus-S No offering
F3 Profibus Standard Compax3 with I20
F4 CAN bus (BasicCAN protocol as per specification 1.2) No offering
F5 RS485, 2 wire Standard Compax3
F7 C31System Bus - ABB interface. No offering
F8 CAN open (Protocol as per CiA DS 301. Profile CiA DS 402 for drives.) Standard Compax3 with I21
S1  SinCos encoder (single turn) Standard Compax3 with F11
S2 SinCos encoder (multi turn) Standard Compax3 with F11
S3 Linear motor support Standard Compax3 with F12


Above are suggested replacements. Applications should be reviewed by your local Parker Automation Technology Center to insure replacement products have all features being used in the machine application.


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