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What replaces Compumotor 34frame gearmotors?

The Compumotor integrated gearmotors are obsolete and no longer available. For replacements, the Stealth Gen II PX34 servo class gearbox is a very close replacement.

Performance comparison:

Dimensional comparison:

Torque comparison:

Custom PX34-L2 with larger output shaft diameter similar to the dual-stage Size 34 gearhead would be rated at 98Nm acceleration torque for 20:1, 25:1, 50:1, 70:1

*Custom PX34 available with lower backlash for high accuracy applications.

Note that the motors and gearheads are purchased as separate items:
1. BE343JJ-NGSN.....Servo Motor
2. PX34-010-L2.........Inline PX34 Stealth Gen II gearhead, 10:1 ratio low backlash
2. MU90-005.............Mounting kit

The MU90-005 is the mounting kit for both the BE34 and N034 or J034 motors.

The G05 was a 5.5:1 ratio, G22 22:1 ratio, G55 55:1 ratio. The Stealth has as standard 5:1, 20:1, 25:1 and 50:1 (exact ratios). The 5.5:1, 22:1 and 55:1 ratios could be done as custom.

Longer shafts to match the previous gearmotor and/or the Woodruff key are also available as custom.

The above is summarized based on catalog specifications. However, application requirements may be different; the PV34 value line gearhead could also be considered.

As reference for Compumotor Gearmotor catalog specs:
Compumotor Gearmotors

The integrated gearmotors have the pinion machined into the motor shaft and thus cannot be disassembled and the motor re-used with the new gearheads.