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Upgrading A/AX Systems

If you have an existing A/AX system (which includes an A-Drive or an AX-Indexer/Drive and an A-Motor)...

The A-Drive can be replaced by Zeta Drive. It is a smaller footprint and will fit in the same cabinet space and has the same 25pin D-sub pinout on the front of the drive and also uses the same 120vac plug on the front of the drive making it a very easy upgrade.

The AX-Indexer/Drive can be replaced by an ZETA6000 Indexer/Drive. Note that the ZETA6000 uses a different programming language. However the 6000 series command reference guide gives a cross-over list from the X language commands to the newer and expanded 6000 series language.

However, an A-Motor cannot be replaced by an Zeta-Motor due to the high inductance specs of the A-Motor. An Zeta-Motor would be burned up by the A-Drive.

A-Motors are no longer available for purchase. However, the Zeta-Motors have similar dimensions as the A-series motors. ie A57-51-MO (-MO is motor only) would be replaced by the Zeta57-51-MO.

For full specifications on the A series motors, see the A/AX series user guide. These user guides provide speed-torque curves for the motors and dimension drawings. The Zeta series motors are shown on our website and are the same as the S series or ES series motors.