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Codesys Error 5830 #1030 Invalid Operand EQ Axis Ref Fieldbus

5830 #1030 Invalid Operand 'EQ AXIS REF FIELDBUS' error

Error occurs when compiling.

Two situations can cause this error:

#1.   This error occurs when the Compax3 is configured as a T40 unit but the Codesys project is pointing to the T30 targets for compiling. To change the target to the T40 after a project already exists, on the bottom left of Codesys main screen there are four tabs. The fourth is the Resources tab. Click on this tab. Under Target Settings, change the pulldown from T30 to T40, click OK.  Then do Build (F11) to re-compile.

#2. There is a bug in the Compax3 T30 target file version 3.02 C32009 Rel08-03 and prior versions.

Two potential fixes:

a.  Change targets to T40 and re-compile. The mapping is the same and valid as long as no T40 CAM functions are called.  Download as normal.

b. Download version 3.10 Rel 9-0 or higher. Available on 

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