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I12T11 or I11T11 Differences

  • SETUP and CONTROL via RS232 or RS485 connection or onboard inputs/outputs
  • Control via onboard inputs/outputs requires the M12 expanded I/O option
  • Dedicated Inputs for: Home switch, End-of-travel limit switches, Jog+ and Jog -, 5 address inputs
  • Moves are not sequenced, selected by the inputs or control word.
  • 32 Moves are available.
  • Move Types: Home, Incremental, Absolute, Registration, Gearing, Reg Search, Continuous Velocity, Stop Moves.

  • SETUP only via RS232/485 connection
  • Control is via the onboard inputs & outputs only. It cannot be controlled via serial communication.
  • When no home switch is used, 31 Moves (Incremental or Absolute) are available.
  • When a home switch is used, 15 Moves (Incremental or Absolute) are available.
  • Each move can be set to repeat a programmable number of times.
  • Moves can be optionally Sequenced, just toggle the Start input and the move will repeat (if programmed to repeat) or do the next move.
  • End-of-travel limit switches not supported. However, software limits supported after homing.
  • No Jog inputs during normal operation.