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ETH Force Sensor Rod End with Compax3

The Compax3 can be used for force control (tension or pressing/clamping).

C3S hardware needs custom option:

F10/F11:  A46 for one 20mA current input
F12:  A49 for one 20mA current input

As standard, the Compax3's analog inputs are +/-10vdc inputs. The above customs would modify for 0-20mA and 4-20mA feedback.  This could be used with the ETH Force Sensor Rod End or Force Sensor Rear Clevis options.

If standard hardware without A option is used, medium impedance inputs may require scaling adjustment due to voltage drop.

The T30 and T40 application note on Force control with the ETH cylinder is available on the C3-DVD, delivered with the drive.

The standard loop structure can be used with or without the loadcell. Without the load cell, current clamping repeatability is 2% with an accuracy of 20%.  The rod end load cell offers higher accuracy of 0.2%  and clevis loadcell  is 1% accurate.

Force control can be activated from standstill or while in motion.

This has been used for pressure sensor testing, spindle application, weld guns for automotive assembly and pedal force simulation in flight training system.