Parker Hannifin
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VIDEO: Xpress Solutions Demo: Xpress HMI + Compax3 + ETH cylinder


Attached is a Quick Start guide for an XPRess HMI panel, Compax3 servo drive controller (T11 - simple indexer) with ETH electric cylinder.

No lengthy manuals to read!  This quick start guide gets you the information you need with step by step instructions to Wire, Download and GO!

No programming! Configurations have already been setup for the ETH's Xpress motors with the ETH's cataloged speed-thrust curves.

The Xpress HMI has already been configured with 5 panels to Jog, Test I/O, Status (position & error history), Teach and Run.

The Teach panels allow operators to jog the ETH into position and store 31 moves.

The operator can use the Run panel to select the ETH to position any of those 31 moves.

Here's your bill of materials including all needed accessories.

ZIP file with XPRess project, C3 Configuration files, QuickStart and Bill of Materials


The following chart's also in the bill of materials but lists which size ETH, motor, C3 and voltages are part of the Xpress Solutions:




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