Parker Hannifin
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How to Convert an AriesPE (AriesEPL) to AriesCE

1. Open ACR-View. Make connection to an ACR9030 or ACR9040 controller. The AriesPE should be connected to the EthernetPowerlink and powered on. (The motor does not need to be connected.)

Open a project with an AriesPE drive, or create an empty project using the configuration wizard.  (Users do not need to go through an entire configuration.)

ie, if the x1 dial is set to 1, and x10 dial is set to 0, then the Node ID should be set to 1


2. In the Project Workspace > open OS Update:

3. You can select to download to all EPL drives or individual EPLD devices.

4.  Click Update Aries EPL OS...   and navigate to the file location for the AriesCE.

You can download the AriesCE operating system from our website here:

5. The status bar will increment while it's downloaded. Estimated time 2 minutes:


6. Upon completion will display:



7.  Note, to then connect, change the PC's ip address.

Then connect ethernet cable to the AriesCE.

Use ACR-View with an AriesController project:


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