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What are the minimum connections for an I10T10?

In order to make motion with an I10T10, the following connections must be made:

X1 Connector: AC mains voltage must be applied to the drive.

X3 Connector: Motor phase leads must be connected.

X4 Connector: 24 VDC+, from a power supply, must be connected to X4/1. The 24 VDC- (common or ground) must be connected to X4/2. In order for the drive to energize the motor, the hardware enable, ENAin X4/3, must be connected to 24 VDC.

X12 Connector: In order for the drive to energize the motor, 24 VDC must be applied to Enable Input 0 (I0), X12/6. In addition, in order for the command signal to be recognized by the drive 24 VDC must be applied to Setpoint Enable Input 1 (I1), X12/7. In order for the outputs to source 24 VDC, we need to wire X12/11 to a 24 VDC source. Typically, we jumper X12/11 to X12/1, which is a 24 VDC source. Please realize that X12/1 has a 400 mA current limit

Recommended: We also recommend jumpering the Quit Input 2 (I2), X12/8, to the Enable Input 0 (I0), X12/6. The Quit input will clear any errors on the drive. Thus, if it is tied to the Enable input, any errors present on the drive will be cleared when the drive is enabled. This allows the controller to clear errors on the drive if they are present.

X13 Connector: Motor feedback device must be connected.