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How to Wire MHED Limit/Home/Halls Module

The MHED is a modular hall-effect device that includes both the hall-effects and the limit & home position sensors. This MHED is connected into the coil and is used on the IFORCE ironless and metric ironless motors.

As a summary of the attached document:
The default wiring has the end-of-travel and home sensors as normally closed. If the source power pin for the sensor is left unconnected, the sensor will be an NPN sinking output. Use the default limit output polarity for the black magnets.

The sensor can be changed to PNP sourcing by applying voltage to the source power pin for any or all of the sensors.

The sensors can be changed in polarity by connecting the polarity select input to limit ground. Use the inverted limit output polarity for the nickel-finished magnets.

MHED wiring and dimensions

MHED "Installation" Pictures

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