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Which MHED is used within the positioners?

MHED-1-S-nn for the 110/210/310 motors
MHED-4-S-nn for the 410 motors
where nn is the length in feet.

Be sure to take into account the length of the cable track in addition to the length between the positioner and the controller/drive.

S is for the standard orientation.

However, the T1D uses a custom MHED. This change was done so all the T series run in the same direction:
PN# Cable Length
CW-T1D-MHED1-13989 10 ft
CW-T1D-MHED1-13990 17 ft
CW-T1D-MHED1-13991 33 ft

For details, see Tech Bulletin TC 440. This change was made November 27, 2007. For T1D units before this date, the T1D which used the MHED-1-R-nn, which reverses the cable exit as the coil is lying on its right side instead of the left (looking at the cable exit end of the coil).

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