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Winding Tolerances and Resistance Measurement

The Trilogy coils' winding tolerance is a standard +/-10% for the resistance and within .5 ohms between each of the phases and +/-30% for the inductance, similar to rotary servo motor tolerances. The magnet tracks can see a variation in magnet strengths of 3-5% from one manufactured lot to the next. All magnets will meet the minimal magnet specification. Normally, their strength exceeds the minimum.

Please note that the I-Force catalog resistance specifications are for the motor in delta wiring. If checking the resistance of a motor with six-lead option (110, 210 or 310 motor with WD1 or WD2 wiring options) with an ohm-meter, the third phase will need to be tied together in order to measure the correct resistance across the first two phases.

For example, for a 310-4 with WD2S wiring, measuring the resistance between red&blue (A) and black&brown (C) will be 17.2ohms +/-10% with the green&white (B) tied together. Without the green&white (B) the measured resistance will be the individual phase resistance which is 1.5 times the cataloged delta resistance, in this case 25.8ohms +/-10%.

All other motors and wiring options have the 3 motor leads (red, brown, orange) and measuring the resistance across any two phases will match the catalog resistances.

Please note catalog specifications are for delta wound motors. Consult factory for WD0 wye wound motor specifications.