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SFD Drives - Upgrading

The SFD drives were digital servo drive/controllers from MTS Automation. The Compax3 is a very suitable replacement.

Notable Differences:
The SFD's I/O were optically isolated. The Compax3 has sinking inputs (24V, max. 10mA) and sourcing outputs (24V, max. 100mA).

The Analog monitor outputs on the Compax3 are -10V to +10V, not +/-5V as on the SFD.

SFD-230/3xR: S025V2F10I12T11M12
SFD-230/3xI: S025V2F12I12T11M12
SFD-230/6xR: S063V2F10I12T11M12
SFD-230/6xI: S063V2F12I12T11M12

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