Parker Hannifin
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Feedback Resolver Too Low fault 0x7382

Standard reaction for resolver level error is immediate switching off resolver excitation; so error quit is possible only by power off/on.

When resolver signal level is too low adjustment of signal level is also possible with

Resolver_ResolverLevelAdaption o280.3 = 100...200% (changes get valid immediately)

To check the feedback level, the optimization window can used to graph the resolver levels or monitored in the status display.

Status of actual resolver signal level:
StatusFeedback_ResolverLevel o692.9 = sin2 + cos2 (without square root)

StatusFeedback_FeedbackSineDSP o692.1 = sin (typ. 0.85 max)

StatusFeedback_FeedbackCosineDSP o692.2 = cos (typ. 0.85 max)

Switching resolver excitation off can be suppressed by
Resolver_ResolverDebug o280.2 = -1