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Trilogy Motor Summary & Drive Compatibility

Attached is a one page summary for the standard Trilogy I-Force ironless linear servo motors and a one page summary for the Ripped ironcore linear servo motors. Also included are charts showing the matched I-Force and Ripped motors to the Aries and Compax3 servo amplifiers. These are matched based on continuous current matching though for higher acceleration applications the next size up amplifier may be necessary; see Parker MotionSizer for evaluating applications.

I-Force & Ripped Summary and Parker Drive Compatibility

The motor specs showing the entire range of continuous power, force, peak force, speed at 120vac and 240vac, voltage constant (V/m/s in peak of sine), continuous and peak current Arms and coil weight. Cross-section dimensions are shown on the second page as well as the recommended wiring for use with the different I-Force motors with Parker drives.

The speeds at 120vac and 240vac are limited at a maximum of 7meter/sec though the coil voltage constant may imply the motor can go higher. This is based on the maximum of 7m/sec for the 5um LME magnetic encoder. Mechanical limits of the bearing structure or other limits such as the drive's bus voltage or maximum speed of the linear encoder may be less than the listed speed and should be considered.