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AC-03 / AC-07 / AC-10 / AC-15 manuals

The MTS drives known as the AC-03, AC-07, AC-10, and AC-15 are rack-mounted, modular servo drives part of the MAS systems.

They are powered by the PS015, PS030, and PS060 modular power supplies.

The user guide is available on our website, under Literature --> User Guides -->
Custom Servo Motors --> Manuals Download, but instead of being called AC drives, they are referred to as MTS Multi-Axis systems. You can also get the user guide here.

These drives and rack systems are no longer available.  System upgrade is really recommended as there will not be easy drop-in amplifiers for that rack-mounted topology.  New applications should instead use the Compax3 series of amplifiers and the Compax3 may make sense for the system upgrade as well depending on how many axes and the sizes of the motors in use.  Contact your local ATC (distributor) for help in assessing upgrade/replacement options.

MAS  AC-07 AC-03 AC-10 AC-15