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ViX Encoder Resolution / Input Frequency

ViX250nE / ViX500nE - Encoder Resolution and Input Frequency

The ViX-E hardware will support up to 400KHz pre-quadrature signal inputs. Resolution options are limited to 1000, 1024, 2000, 4000, 4096 and 5000 line encoders/resolvers via software.

ViX250nH / ViX500nH - Encoder Resolution and Input Frequency

The ViX-H series will support up to 2.5MHz pre-quadrature encoder input, and has fully variable resolution via software. ViX-H units are suitable for use with the Renishaw RGH series unit (used on the LXR products).

The encoder output is a pass-through design (not a scaled or simulated output) and has the same maximum frequency limitation as the input (400KHz pre-quad for the ViX-E, 2.5MHz pre-quad for the ViX-H).

As the encoder output is a pass-through, on the stepper version (ViX-IM), the encoder output cannot simulate the open-loop position. The encoder output only works with an encoder input in closed-loop mode.