Parker Hannifin
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Analog control of a Vix stepper

All of Parker's stepper drive/controllers can be easily programmed to follow an analog velocity command. The Vix 250/500 IM, however, has this capability built-in. After running the Guided Drive Setup, you only need to issue four commands to get it into Velocity Following mode (also known as Mode Bidirectional).

Assuming address #1,

1MB ;Puts the Vix into Bidirectional mode
1V10 ;This scales the maximum speed to 10rps
1ON ;Enables the Vix
1G ;Starts following the analog input

You may want to issue a 1SV to save this configuration. A reset is not necessary to switch into Mode Bidirectional.

The analog input should be wired into pins 1 & 2 of connector X4. The analog input's voltage range is -10V/+10V, allowing the motor to spin both directions. You can read and write to the parameters AB (Analog Deadband) and AO (Analog Offset) to tweak the Vix's operation. You can also read the analog input voltage with 1R(AI). Units are raw counts (-2047 to +2047).