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Multiple PCI cards in a PC

When using multiple PCI cards in a PC, such as 2 ACR1505 or ACR8020 controller cards, it is recommended to use the Address Jumper (for the ACR1505 use JP3, for the ACR8020 use SW1.)

The reason for this suggestion is Windows assigns the device# for the controller cards based upon the PCI slot used (this information can be located in the Device Manager of Windows Control Panel.) Sometimes it can appear that this addressing is random. Using the address jumpers allows you to verify that you are communicating with the correct controller by reading the Card Number parameter.

In the ACR1505 Hardware Installation Manual, it is stated that this address is used for Serial Communication. While this is true, setting the address actually sets a parameter in the controller that can be reference for communication. This Parameter is P7041, Card Number. This is useful when programming in Visual Basic or Visual C++ where the programmer can reference and verify they are communicating to the correct card.

Please refer to the appropriate installation manual for Address Jumper setting. For the ACR1505, it's located on page 25 of Chapter 2 in the ACR1505 Hardware Installation Manual. For the ACR8020, settings for SW1 is loacted on page 17 of Chapter 2 in the ACR8020 Hardware Manual.