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MPA currents

Values for peak and continous current, for all MPA drives, are given in units of Amps Peak-of-Sine (Apk). To convert these values to Amps-rms, divide Apk by 1.414 (or multiply by 0.707).

Generally, the amount of current an MPA drive produces is given by its part number. For example, the MPA-25 produces 25 A-pk of continuous current, and 50 A-pk of peak current. Peak current can be sustained for up to 1 second.

However, the MPA-06 and MPA-09 produce slighly more current than their part numbers indicate.

Model I(cont) I(peak)
MPA-06 7 A-pk 14 A-pk
MPA-09 10 A-pk 20 A-pk