Parker Hannifin
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Compax3 MaxPlus (MPM) Option 1 Brake Connection

The following is a table for the MaxPlus (MPM) Option 1 Brake Connection to the Compax3:

Motor Power Connections X3
Compax3 Motor Power Screw TerminalsOption 1 Motor Power Cable
X3 FunctionPhasePin LetterFunctionWire Color
Phase UUAPhase RRed
Phase VVBPhase SBlack
Phase WWCPhase TBlue
GroundPEDPE GNDGreen/Yellow
BRK (+)BR+FBrake + Blue

***The wire colors may not apply to your cable. Option 1 cable wire colors can vary, however, the wire function should be consistent among all cables. If your cable wire marker (labels) are no longer present or readable, please contact Parker.