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MS feedback cables for ViX/Aries and Compax3

The BE, SM/SE and NeoMetric/J series MS encoder are the same pinouts.

MS Encoder Feedback to Aries/ViX: 71-021121-XX
MS Encoder Feedback to Aries/ViX, CE: 71-021124-XX

MS Resolver Feedback to Aries/ViX: 71-021120-XX
MS Resolver Feedback to Aries/ViX, CE: 71-021123-XX

MS Resolver Feedback to Compax3: 71-020808-XX
MS Resolver Feedback to Compax3, CE: 71-021123-XX

The above cables are available as standard. The -XX is the length in feet, as standard 10 foot and 25 foot lengths. Available in 5-foot increments to 50 foot length.

MS Encoder Feedback to Compax3 cables are available as a custom product. Please contact your local Parker ATC for a custom product quote.

For new applications, the newer PS style connector cables should be used with new motors. The above are given as a convenience for existing motors being used with newer drives. The PS style connectors give better EMI and RF protection and are the standard connectors.