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Can the Compax and Compax3 Products take a DC voltage supply?

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Yes. All Compax and Compax3 products can take a DC voltage instead of AC voltage input. All drives rated for 240 V input can be supplied up to 340 VDC and all drives rated for 480 V input can be supplied up to 680 VDC.

For the CPX1000SL, 2500S and C3 xxxx V2 products use the following installation connections.

CPX1000SL CPX2500S C3 xxxx V2
DC + X2/1 L X2/1 L1 X1/1 L
DC - X2/2 N X2/2 L2 X1/2 N
PE X2/3 PE X2/3 PE X1/3 PE

For the CPX4500S, 8500S, NMD10, NMD20 and C3 xxxx V4 products use the following installations connections.

CPX4500S/8500S NMD10/20 C3 xxxx V4
DC + X2/1 L1 X2/1 L1 X2/4 +HV
DC - X2/2 L2 X2/2 L2 X2/5 -HV
PE X2/3 PE X2/3 PE X2/3 PE

For the C3S running on DC power, the internal mains filter has no function, so ensure that the DC power supply includes a DC filter. When the DC voltage is connected to X2, the drive can be supplied up to 680V without any derating. Otherwise, connecting to X1 (using L1 and L2 instead of +HV and -HV) the maximum allowed DC voltage is max 500V. The Compax3's overvoltage protection and regenerative circuitry is active when powering through either X1 and X2.