Parker Hannifin
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SSI signal source for the Compax3

Load mounted SSI feedback can be used with the Compax3 starting with those that have controller board 17. Setup for this feedback can be found in the Signal Source configuration starting in C3ServoManager Release 5. The signals for the SSI source is wired into X11. For those customers with older boards this feature is not available with firmware upgrades. These older boards cannot be modified physically they will need to be replaced if this feature is necessary.

X11 Connection

Pin 6 = Clock-
Pin 7 = Clock+
Pin 13 = Data-
Pin 14 = Data+
Pin 15 = GND

This feature is not available as a main feedback type (X13.) There are no current or future plans to use SSI as a main feedback source used in commutation.

This can be used as a gear source feedback, for line speed or as a load mounted feedback. The Compax3 supports standard SSI and gray code. This is selected in the C3 ServoManager software under Signal Source.  Below is sample configuration for IVO GM400.A10A102 (8192x4096 Gray code)