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Changing Motor direction on the GV6 or GT6

When installing an axis you may find that you would like the axis positive and negative directions to be inverted from their current configuration. There are two methods of inverting directions on a GV6 or GT6.

Using the CMDDIR command, which is valid for the GV6 and the GT6. Make sure that the drive is disabled. The CMDDIR command allows you to reverse the direction that the controller considers to be a positive direction; this command also reverses the polarity of the counts from the feedback devices.

Once you have changed the commanded direction polarity, you should swap the end-of-travel limit connections to maintain a positive correlation with the commanded direction.

For a GT6, if using the CMDDIR command is not desirable, changing the phase wire also works. For a stepper, we would normally recommend that you swap the A+ and A- phase wires for the drive to motor connection.

For a GV6, Changing the motor phases, while changing the feedback will also work. For a resolver, you would either swap SIN+ and SIN- or COS+ and COS-, but not both. For an encoder you will need to change the Motor phases and the encoder, you will need to change the halls and the encoder feedback.

For change to take effect, send the RESET command after the change.

Note:  For motors with feedback, before changing the commanded direction polarity, make sure there is a direct correlation between the commanded direction and the direction of the feedback source counts (i.e., a positive commanded direction from the controller must result in positive counts from the feedback device). Refer to the ENCPOL command description for information on changing encoder polarity.  ENCPOL=0 normal polarity and ENCPOL=1 reverse polarity.


 The information in this FAQ also applies to the GT6K and the GV6K controllers. 




 modified 9/29/2015 nc