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Brake Delay/Engage with Compax3

If a brake delay is required for the the Compax3, a delay can be set in the initial drive configuration.

To set a brake delay with the Compax3.

1. Select Drive Configuration in your C3ServoManager Software.
2. Select a motor part number with a brake.
3. After selection of a motor the bottom right of the screen will show 2 text boxes that say "Delay Time for Brake release ms/ Engage ms." Fill these boxes with the required delay in ms.

Delay time for Brake Engage defines how long the servo loop will remain on after the drive has been told to disable. The brake closes/enages immediate, the delay allows time for the brake to take hold before truly disabling the drive. This allows for the response time of the brake which is not immediate, so the motor holds the load until the brake has time to engage.


Delay time for release should not be set greater than zero. That is the delay time between opening the brake and actually engaging the servo loop, which could allow the load to drop. If this is happening with Delay set to zero, then use a NEGATIVE number. This would make the servo loop engage before releasing the brake. See below diagram from user manual.

New version of C3 Motors database that updates and sets engage/disengage (set/release) times:

1/15jh updated to include diagram and notes on engage/release