Parker Hannifin
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My servo motor is not moving.

You've commanded movement, but your motor's not moving. Here is one fast way to determine where in your servo system the problem lies.

Check the controller's DAC [Digital-Analog Converter] output. (ACR: Look at Numeric Status, choose DAC Parameters, then DAC Output. 6K: type TDAC.) If this value is 0 (or close to it), the drive will not move. If it's larger, then the controller is doing its job, and you can look at the drive and motor for the problem.

If the problem is in the drive, the easiest test is to run the drive's self-test (or quick test, or auto-run). Sometimes a DIP switch setting, sometimes a command, this will generally cause the drive to turn the motor at 1 rev/sec. Refer to your drive's user manual for how to do this. The command for Aries is DMODE1 and Gemini products is DMODE13 (and the drive must be enabled by the controller). Keep in mind that the self-test is usually open-loop and doesn't use feedback or commutation at the drive.

If the ACR controller has the setting of EXC set to 1 rev or less which also takes into consideration of the PPU, the controller will fault the drive after the autorun has been completed.