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TASX Bit 4 -- Drive Fault Input Active

This bit reports the current hardware state of the drive-fault input, even in the factory default power-up state where the drive is disabled (see DRIVE command) and the drive fault input is disabled (see DRFEN command). The Drive Fault input is located on pin #5 of the DRIVE connector.


This bit is simply an indicator of the hardware state, but if the drive fault status appears to be incorrect.

1)Attempt to enable the drive. Some drives will output a fault signal until enabled.

2)Check drive to see if it has faulted.

3)Determine the enabled vs faulted state of the drive fault output on the drive.

4)Determine if DRIVE FAULT input is setup as sinking or sourcing. Default the input is sourcing, if CNTRLP is tied to ground, the input becomes sinking.

5)Determine if the appropriate sinking or sourcing signal is being sent by the drive.

6)Check command cables and wiring to drive to make sure connections are continous.