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TASF Bit 23 -- Position Error Exceeded

This bit activates and the 6K controller disables the drives when the difference between the Commanded Position (TPC) and the Actual Position (TPE) exceeds the SMPER setting. The difference between the TPC and TPE is also shown by TPER.

This error indicates that the controller is not able to command the motor to where it is trying to get to.


1) Check the SMPER value. It defaults to 4000 which is often either one or 1/2 revolution depending on the encoder resolution (ERES). Check the distance scaling (SCLD) as well since this effects what SMPER means. Increase the SMPER if it is too small.

2) Tune the servo system. An un-tuned or poorly-tuned servo system will have poor performance and will not meet the commanded motion parameters.