Parker Hannifin
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TASX Bit 5 -- Encoder/Resolver Failed

This bit activates when the Gemini unit is either seeing erroneous feedback from the encoder/resolver, or seeing no response from the feedback device at all.


1) Check the SFB command (1 = encoder; 4 = resolver). Correct the setting if SFB is set to the wrong feedback type.

2) Verify that the customer has an encoder or resolver cable that corresponds to the actual motor being used in the application.

3) Perform a feedback response test. Disable the drive, and then issue a PSET0 followed by a TPE. The response should read *TPE0. Rotate the motor shaft approximately 1 revolution by hand, and issue another TPE. If the response is not approximately *TPE4000 (or *TPE4096 for resolver motors), then either the encoder/resolver on the motor is defective, the feedback cable is defective, or there is an internal problem with the Gemini unit.

4) As a last resort, issue an RFS command and reload the Motor configuration file, and repeat steps 1) through 3). Make sure to back up the programs in a GV6 or GT6 before entering the RFS, or they will be erased.