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Converting APEX Motors to NeoMetric Motors

APEX and Z servo motors are no longer available.

The APEX or Z 602, 603, 604, 605, 606 and 610 motors can be replaced by Parker's NeoMetric motor line. The reference chart below specifies which NeoMetric motor, based on frame size and performance, replaces the corresponding APEX motor of the same frame size:

APEX or Z Motor NeoMetric Motor
APEX602 or Z602 J0703GR or J0703GR
APEX603 or Z603 N0922GR
APEX604 or Z604 N0704GR
APEX605 or Z605 N0922JR
APEX606 or Z606 J0923HR
APEX610 or Z610 N0924KR or J0923KR

The APEX and Z 620, 630, 635 and 640 motors can be replaced by Parker's MPP or MPM servo motor line.

Keep in mind that the performance curves for each APEX or Z motor and its corresponding replacement may not match exactly. To obtain the actual speed/torque curve comparisons between any of the aforementioned APEX and Z motors and its replacement, see the catalog pages on the product pages.

updated Jul-2014....customs no longer available..jw