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How to Restore Motion Panel.

How do I get my Motion Panel back to the way it was?

You can download the flashback utility for Motion Panel from:

Then you will need a flash disk reader from ScanDisk.

Turn off the Motion Panel and remove the flash disk from the back of the unit. Plug the flash disk into the SanDisk reader and run the flashback utlility. This will replace all of the files on the disk with the original files. This means that any changes to panels that have been made will be removed and the original panels put in its place. To reinstall, your application download it from MachineShop.

Finally, if the flash disk has been deleted for any reason, go into a DOS prompt* and issue this command:


If the drive letter is e: then the command would be:


This command will format the flash disk such that it can be a bootable disk.

After this command executes, just run the flashback utility for Motion Panel.

*This can also be done in Windows by selecting format under My Computer and the Flash Disk drive letter. In the resulting window, make sure to select Copy System Files and then click Start.