Parker Hannifin
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Using ACROWNT.DLL with Borland C++

The Acroloop SDK provides support for the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler with its ACROWNT.DLL and associated import library files.

ACROWNT is a standard-format Dynamic Link Library, and can be used with any C++ environment that supports DLL linkage. The Borland C++ compiler is just such a product.

To use ACROWNT.DLL with the Borland environment, the following two preparatory steps are needed:

First, generate an import library to link with your Borland C++ application program. Borland provides a tool for this purpose, called implib. To build this library, use the command

implib acrownt_bcb.lib acrownt.dll

Place the acrownt_bcb.lib file in your compiler's library directory (typically \lib, under the compiler environment's root directory)

Next, open the acrolib.h file in an editor. Change the definition for ACROPREDECL as follows:

From: #define ACROPREDECL // original AcroLoop line for Visual C++

To: #define ACROPREDECL extern "C" // for use with Borland C++

To use ACROWNT.DLL, simply link the newly created acrownt_bcb.lib with your application.