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Security Key Setup not Installed

When I install MachineShop and Interact on my Windows XP/2000 System I get an error that says "Security Key Setup not Installed", How do I fix this?

In Interact development versions prior to and including 6.17, a usb dongle with a dallas key security device (or parallel port dongle depending on the age of the PC) was necessary to run the software.  These keys are no longer available from Parker.  If you see this error, you can do one of the following:

1. Order an upgrade of the software.  Latest version is Interact 7.  Interact 7 eliminates the need for the key, but requires a Windows XP machine for installation (this is a purchased upgrade).

2. Press the Enter key 25-30 times to enter preview mode.  Once in preview mode, the software will run for 1 hour and then shut down.  Please remember to save early and save often!


Please keep in mind that the PA2 series powerstations require Interact 7.


mod kj 8/24/12