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Removing the splash screen from the P9 or PS?

Disabling the CTC splash screen on the P9 or PS PowerStation. This can be accomplished very easily with a few simple steps:

  • Reboot the P9 or PS Series PowerStation

  • During the early portion of the boot, type the F2 key to enter the CMOS setup area

  • On a P9 using the right arrow key move to the BOOT screen. Near the top of this screen, you should see the following setting BOOT-TIME DIAGNOSTIC SCREEN - DISABLE. On a PS Series you should arrow down on the Main Screen as this Bios scrolls until you see BOOT-TIME DIAGNOSTICS -DISABLED.

  • Using the arrow keys, move the cursor to DISABLE and type Enter.

  • Change from DISABLE to ENABLE using the UP/DOWN arrow key.

  • Exit the CMOS settings by Saving and Exiting. When the system reboots, you will see that the splash screen no longer appears during the boot process.