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OEM770 replaces the OEM670/675

As of June 1, 2000, the OEM770 series replaced the OEM670 and OEM675 series. The OEM670 and OEM675 covered two different inductance ranges for the motors. The OEM770 covers the entire range.


**One product instead of two. An internal jumper allows the user to cover the ranges that the OEM670 and OEM675 covered.

**Higher reliability. The ASIC was changed from a Bipolar to a CMOS which has proved more reliable in Compumotor's other product lines.

**Quality. The +5V power for the Halls and encoder now have a current-limit circuit installed. The OEM770 actively monitors this current and shuts it off if it gets too high.

**Better Performance. The enable circuit increases hysteresis, improving performance in the presence of noise. The torque ripple is also reduced, due to better part matching in the new current-sensing circuitry.

**Larger Motor Connector. With a larger motor connector, it is easier to wire and install the OEM770. It is the same connector that is found on the OEM750.

**LEDs. The LEDs are rotated 90 degrees to compensate for the larger connector. They are now in the same position as found on the OEM750.