Parker Hannifin
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Unable to Run Your CAD Error Code = 2

When you go to TOOLS and select RUN CAD and you get the error message box that says, "Unable to Run Your CAD Error Code = 2," this is due to an incorrect setting in your defaults.

Compucam was originally written for Windows 3.1 and 95 and uses the DOS limitation on file or folder names of 8 characters maximum and no spaces. See the example below.

Windows File Name: Program Files
DOS Equivalent File Name: Progra~1

Notice that six characters are use and the ~ symbol and a number are used to indicate more characters.

When you define the DEFAULTS for CAD FILE NAME the same DOS format must be used.

For Example, Voloview installed at the below address:
C:\Program Files\Volo View Express\Voloview.exe

The entry in Compcam's defaults must be C:\Progra~1\Volovi~1\voloview.exe

The other possibility is any spelling mistake in the DEFAULTS and CAD FILE NAME setting. Check for spelling!