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Why does RESET6000.VI cause error 5004 in Labview?

This is due to a timing issue that is affected by the amount of memory installed on the card.

The first versions of the AT6200, AT6400, and OEMAT6400 came with 64KB of memory. Starting in August 1997 (serial numbers 9708xxxxxxx and above), the expanded memory option which increased the memory up to 1.5MB RAM was made standard for these two products. Because of this, it will take 2 full seconds for the card to completely initialize. This can cause a problem for applications designed for the older cards.

This applies to applications using Labview with the Motion Toolbox VI's.

The original version of RESET6000.VI uses 500 milliseconds for the first timer which will not allow the newer AT cards to finish initializing properly before the VI tries to read a response from the card. This will cause you to get error 5004 in Labview.

Increase the first timer in the RESET6000.VI to 2000 to resolve this timing issue.