Parker Hannifin
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4000 Update Rates

The digital inputs and outputs are scanned/updated every 2ms.

Most statements typically execute in 2-3 milliseconds (ms). By disabling the ON conditions such as "ON IN24", "ON BIT", etc., this time is reduced to under 1 ms. Disabling unused communication ports can further reduce the command processing time by up to 140 microseconds. See the description of the "ENABLE PORTn" command in the Model 4000 User Guide for additional information.

You can communicate with the built-in indexers directly by entering the 4000's X Command Language mode. When in this mode, the commands will have an execution time that is outlined in the Model 4000 Controller X Command Language Reference Guide. Each command has a description and also lists an execution time. Most commands require less than 2 ms to execute, but more complex commands such as contouring commands, OCW, OCCW, etc., take as much as 80 ms to execute.